Cat Boarding Services

Connecticut Cat Boarding

For our feline guests we offer boarding in our cat room. Located upstairs the cat room is a sunny, large room built for lounging. Each guest has a cat condo with an elevated shelf for napping or viewing. The cat room has many scratching posts, jungle gyms and toys, as well as a window seat. Guests are rotated out of their cat condos and can enjoy roaming the room during the day on their own or with another family member. We suggest that you bring your own food and a little something that smells like home, but we provide bedding, dishes, litter pans and toys. We also have a house wet and/or dry food that we can provide.

Kennel Guest Check-In Form

Kittie Condos:

Check In & Out Times:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 10am & 2:30pm - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - 10am & 1:30pm - 3pm

Sunday: 8am - 10am

Closed all major holidays (for pick-up and drop-off).

Cat Requirements: feline rabies, and feline distemper (indoor cats) feline rabies, distemper and FIV (outdoor cats)